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For Independent Authors

Publishing a book by yourself is hard, lonely work. I can support you in making your book publication-ready with editing, whether it be hard copy or on screen. I am a trained editor in speculative fiction genres. Not only am I a genre fan, but I attended the Alpha Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing Workshop for Young Writers twice.

I have created the quiz below as a tool to help authors figure out what kind of editing their manuscript may need. You must have completed at least a first full draft of the manuscript for editing; I don't edit incomplete drafts. Please note that this quiz is only a tool to help you get a sense of what you might need; it does not replace a manuscript evaluation. 

Additionally, this quiz (and my services) are targeted at independent authors planning on self-publishing their work. If you are planning on submitting your manuscript to an agent and pursuing traditional publishing, there is no need to pay for editing now---your manuscript will be edited extensively during the publishing process. 

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