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Services I Offer:

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing, or content editing, focuses on improving the structure and content of the manuscript. This can include things such as plot, character development and growth, and overall writing style. Developmental editing comes early in the editing process, before copyediting.


Copyediting is a broad job.  Copyediting entails checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage as well as ensuring a consistent style across the manuscript, along with fact checking, checking cross-references, reducing redundancies, catching missing information, and making sure the text flows and is readable.

Copyediting occurs after developmental editing, once all major revisions have been made to the manuscript. 


Proofreading is the final check of a manuscript before publication, once the manuscript has been formatted and laid out. It entails correcting mechanical errors such typos, spelling, punctuation errors, misused words, formatting errors, and more. 

For additional explanation on the different kinds of editing, see this site by Editors Canada.

Please contact me for rates and with any questions
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