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For Students

Writing a good academic paper is difficult and stressful. Having a second set of eyes to check over your work can help relieve some of that stress. I am a professionally trained editor with an MA in Linguistics and BAs in History and Linguistics and have written many academic papers. I can provide guidance on spelling, grammar, and organization in your academic paper. Whether it be a dissertation, master's thesis, senior thesis, class paper, or term paper, I can help your paper take flight. Contact me today

I follow the Editors Canada Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts.


All students must obtain permission from the faculty member supervising the project for editing. Additionally, the editing will consist of flagging errors and comments on places of improvement, rather than fixing errors in the body of the text. Please review the guidelines for more information and feel free to contact me with any questions. 

All projects must have a full draft for editing; I cannot edit unfinished papers. Additionally, I require at least a week's turnaround for class and term papers and at least two weeks for dissertations and theses, so please plan ahead. 

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